FM200 Fire Suppression System

Fire Project has expertise in SITC of FM200-Fire Suppression System along with its component. Fire suppression here it called as FM200 gas suppression systems are commonly used in:
DATA Centres
Comms Rooms
Telecommunication facilities
UPS Rooms
Medical facilities
FM200 is waterless, gas based suppression system, which discharge into the risk within 10 seconds depending upon configuration for discharge. FM200 is also known as HFC227ea suppresses fire immediately. HFC227ea (formed from elements hydrogen, fluorine and carbon) remove the elements of fire triangle (Oxygen, Heat and Fuel). FM200 gas is transparent, colourless and safe for human but may cause frostbite if liquid discharge or escaping vapour contacts the skin. 
Fire Projects has done sevaral designing to installation of FM200 with after sales service. Based on infrastructure and requirement we give our expert opinion to prepare BOQ.
Complete solution consists following components and accessories required for installation:
FM200 storage components:
   o Cylinder assembly for FM200 chemical agent gas
   o Cylinder brackets
FM200 Distribution components:
   o Discharge nozzles 
   o Piping for cylinder and nozzles
Slave components:
   o Pneumatic valve actuators
   o Actuation check valve
   o Vent check
   o Actuation hose
   o Fitting for cylinder (salve arrangement)
Trim components:
   o Pressure gauge 
   o Connection fittings
   o Low-pressure supervisory switch
   o Electric valve actuator 
   o Manual valve actuator
Supplemental components:
   o Discharge pressure switch
   o Manifold check valve
   o Complete equipment for multi-cylinder configuration
Control Panel : It monitor the condition of all connected devices like electric actuator, detectors, warning device, cylinder pressure, manual release and abort stations
Optional : VESDA System with control panel
Select Fire Projects for new implementation of FM200 fire suppression system is most effective way for small to medium size datacenter, UPS room, medical facilities, and telecommunication facilities. We support our clients from Designing up to Commissioning up to AMC. We also provide AMC–Annual Maintenance Contracts for all types of Fire & security Systems. If you required new installation or AMC of fire suppression system, contact Fire Projects today!
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Advantages of an FM200 – Fire suppression system:
It react very fast on electrical, flammable liquid  fire and suppress fire from infrastructure
It save infrastructure from major damage by fire result in lower repair cost
Refilling of HFC227ea – FM200 is simple and cost effective
Depending upon size of infrastructure, FM200 occupy less space on given infrastructure
Compare to other suppression system, FM200 is environment friendly and does not affect stratospheric ozone layer 
FM200 leaves no residue and safe to use for occupied safe 
FM200 suppression system is accepted by worldwide including developed and developing nations