GST C-9102 Conventional Photoelectric Smoke Detector

Fire Projects has installed C-9102 Conventional Photoelectric Smoke Detector various sites which is non-addressable. Used together with end of line unit, it can connect with compatible control panels to process detection signals. C-9102 Conventional Photoelectric Smoke Detector supplied by Fire Projects shows fire alarm by LED indicators and transmits the fire signal to the control panel. Using infrared scattering technology, the smoke density can be detected. The detector receives very weak infrared light under normal smokeless condition. If smoke particles enter the chamber, the received light signal will increase by scattering. When smoke density reaches a pre-set level, the detector will alarm out. In order to reduce interference and power consumption, the emitting circuit works in pulse mode to prolong the life of IR LED.

Select Fire Projects to design solution of fire alarm system using GST C-9102 conventional photoelectric smoke detector. We support our clients from Designing up to Commissioning up to AMC. We also provide AMC–Annual Maintenance Contracts for all types of Fire & security Systems. 
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  • Twin LED for 360° view
  • Remote indicator output available
  • Complies with EN 54-7 standard
Operating Voltage: 24VDC (12VDC~28VDC) 
Standby Current: ≤60μA 
Alarm Current: 10mA≤I≤30mA 
Indicators: Red. Quiet in normal condition. Illuminates steadily in alarm. 
Remote Indicator Output: Directly connecting with LED (built-in 2kΩ resistor in series). Quiet in normal condition. Illuminates steadily in alarm. 
Maximum Ripple Voltage: 4V (peak-to-peak) 
Alarm Clear: Instantaneous Power-off (5s Max., 2.5VDC Max.) 
Power-up Time: ≤10s 
Max. Wind Speed: 7.6m/s (1500fpm) 
Wiring Polarized: 2-core for detection zone cable. Polarized 2-core for remote indicator. 
Ambient temperature: -10℃~+50℃ 
Relative Humidity: ≤95%, non condensing 
Ingress Protection Rate: IP23 
Material and Color of Enclosure: ABS, white (RAL 9016) 
Dimensions: Diameter: 100mm 
Height: 56mm (with base) 
Mounting Hole Distance:  45mm~75mm 
Weight:  About 120g